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TV auction software
The Auction Block

For Windows 95, Windows 98 SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional.

Product Description:

The Auction Block was specifically developed to support live auctions via Cable or Broadcast TV. The Auction Block and it's predecessors have been in use in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania for several years. An enhanced version of an earlier program, The Auctioneer, The Auction Block is divided into three parts: the Display, the Backroom, and the database itself.

The display is the part of this application which is transmitted to the viewers. It can be configured to include two lines of scrolling advertising.

The backroom is the part of this application which is used by the Auction staff. One feature is the ability to tie sales to specific lots.

See the screen samples (below) for further information on the capabilities of The Auction Block.


For use by cable TV and other video broadcast media.

This package includes the Microsoft Access 97 runtime engine and one year of free upgrades/updates. Additional terms for updates/upgrades may be purchased in 1 year increments as needed.

$2500.00 per site for up to 5 computers.
$500.00 for each additional computer.
$10.00 for functional demo. Credited toward purchase price.

Oklahoma Businesses add 8%  Sales tax.

Multiple site licenses may be negotiated.

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See the screen samples (PDF - 414K)