Richard M. Stawicki

Computer Consultant
(405) 360-8149
P.O. Box 721464
Norman, OK 73070

Database Design & Development
Custom Programming
Multimedia Design & Development

Over 25 years experience with a variety of platforms, languages and authoring systems.
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Computer Programming and Analysis Training Development and Facilitation

Computer Programming and Analysis
  • Coldfusion website development
  • Development of an Access 2.0 “input device” for building multimedia scenarios
  • Development of custom special purpose Access 2.0, Access 97, and Access 2000 databases
  • Developed and implemented programming standards for several organizations
  • Conversion of FAA TUTOR/MicroTUTOR “Dual mode” programs to MPAS
  • Development of utilities, test drivers, subroutines, etc. to support Computer Based Instruction development
  • Development of FAA’s Curriculum Management System (CMS) package
  • Development of a test driver utilizing a “pseudo-code” for the FAA
  • Development of a MicroTUTOR interactive Videodisc interface
  • Developed the simulations and interface utilities for the FAA’s Second Generation VORTAC course
  • Programming of hundreds of Computer Assisted Instruction lessons in various languages
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Training Development and Facilitation
  • Developed simulation-based database driven multi-media training under a Phase II SBIR program for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
  • Developed course documentation for two FAA Academy Multimedia courses
  • Developed Computer Based Instruction lessons for FAA Air Traffic sites
  • Developed and taught an 80 hour “CBI Courseware Development” course (83040) for the FAA Academy
  • Developed and taught a 40 hour “Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) Lesson Development&” (83078) course for the FAA Academy
  • Taught several courses at the community college level in such subject areas as Windows, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Quick-BASIC, Beginners BASIC, Business Computing, etc.
  • Designed and developed a database driven test driver for the FAA Exam Control Center
  • Developed 60 hours of Secondary School Science Computer Based Instruction lessons
  • Designed and developed Computer Managed Instruction packages
  • Developed medically related Computer Assisted Instruction lessons for the USAF
  • Taught the Air Force 3ABR90230 course for three years
  • Trained programmers in the use of the TUTOR, MicroTUTOR and USE languages
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My favorite student, Grandson, Shawn Bryant.